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Welcome at RHINOC

At RHINOC we want to realize a better, healthier and cleaner world by encouraging the use of natural, ecological and environment-enhancing maintenance and cleaning products for our customers. Rhinoc represents PowerFul Cleaning Solutions: powerful maintenance and cleaning for professional use.

Our Products

Rhinoc carries Allnatural, BioQlear and ProBio range of products which include suitable for cleaning in the construction, automotive, industrial, hospitality, sports, the leisure market and for professional cleaning companies.

RHINOC has a wide range of various All Natural (Plant-Based), biodegradable and probiotic cleaners, cleaners for amongst sanitary facilities, floors and pavements, degreasers, graffiti cleaners and various other special cleaners and solutions.


Natural Cleaning

We label our products so you always know what you are using. Our 100% natural products carry the name AllNatural. Our biodegradable and ecological maintenance and cleaning products are labeled BioQlear. And last but not least, our new revolutionary assortment of probiotics carries the label ProBio.


Why we do it?

At RHINOC, we strongly believe that we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world. We want to raise awareness that only using environmental friendly and non-toxic cleaning products is achievable and crucial for creating a healthier eco system and environment. Although it’s only a small change, it contributes to creating a healthier ecosystem and environment in a very important way.


How we do it?

At RHINOC we are always looking for the best natural cleaning products, recipes and packaging. Together with our microbiologists, suppliers and customers we are committed to make a difference.

To emphasize our mission EEQO donates 5% of its earnings to great initiatives that support and improve nature, the environment and the wellbeing of children.


What does RHINOC DO?

At RHINOC we sell maintenance and cleaning products which are environmentally friendly. Where possible they contain 100% natural ingredients made from plant extracts. Our revolutionary probiotics range even enhances the environment because of the use of good micro-organisms. All of our maintenance and cleaning products are save, effective, affordable and have a modern elegant design.

Our Markets

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Did you know that every day more than three rhinos are killed for their horn? In 2014 there were over 50% more Rhinos than the year 2012. RHINOC supports wildlife with its own foundation.